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How To Cope With Deafness?

Have you become deaf recently or are suffering degenerating hearing loss? Adjusting to the world without sound isn’t easy. For those who are deaf from birth, they have never known sound to miss it. If you became deaf in later life, you might find the change debilitating. It isn’t the end though. Being deaf can be tough on some, but you can still live a full life.

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Mp3 Players Can Bring a Permanent Gift of Deafness

MP3 player which is one of the most commonly spreading technologies is bringing some serious threats on the hearing system of individuals; recently a new research by Belgian researchers suggests that people using MP3 players are leaving them open to some temporary changes in the hearing that by the time may turn into the permanent hearing changes.

mp3-playersThe researchers have shown that the too much exposure to the loud sound at work place may eventually lead to the hearing loss and in case of MP3 players, you directly pump in loud sound into the ears then guess how much drastic affects it could bring for you.

Robert Frisina, associate director of the International Center for Hearing & Speech Research at the University of Rochester Medical School in New York, was not involved is this study but while discussing about the results he said that “If one becomes more susceptible to loud-noise damage with aging or age-related hearing loss, MP3 players could be even more of a hazard to middle-aged and older adults”.

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