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Anaphylaxis- A Life Threatening Allergy


Anaphylaxis is a life threatening allergy. It can develop in response to any allergen. It develops due to the systematic allergic reactions that are caused by an antibody known as immunoglobulin (IgE). Immunoglobulin is the allergen that attacks the body and as a result the histamines are released. Anaphylaxis is the most dangerous type of allergy and it is not very common.

Causes of Anaphylaxis

Basically anaphylaxis is caused due to any allergen. Human body has an amazing defensive system against dangerous bacteria and viruses. The immune system of some people is so sensitive that when they are open to the elements like animal dander, dust, peanuts, pollen or shell fish an antibody Immunoglobulin is produced in the body. These antibodies are attached to blood cells known as mast cells. When the allergic patients are open to an allergen the immune system assembles its defense and the chemical weapons are launched to attack the enemies. The allergens are sticking to the IgE and IgE are attached to the mast cells. This enhances reaction in which the mast cells release chemicals that includes Histamine. It causes the symptoms of an allergy. Histamines are attached to the receptors in the blood vessels. It also sticks to other receptors that causes swelling, itching, runny nose etc in this conditions unpleasant and the life threatening symptoms can also be occurred.

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