5 “Bad” Foods: Myth vs. Reality

Bad Foods

Some foods are rich in protein, some in vitamins, but each food has its own specialty and importance. For some people coffee is an addiction but for others it’s a way of relaxing or getting some mental relief or having some break after a long work. However it’s still believed that having excessive joe is not quite good for health. Similarly for nuts some things that it can increase your body weight, and for some it is a good brain food. In this article we are going to list 5 food who are quite often consider as bad food with numbers of odd factors, but its not the reality, these food contains some vitamins which is good for health, lets have a look on 5 Bad Foods with some facts, can say myth vs reality.

1. Nuts

Nuts are known as a fatty ingredient; however it’s found to be quite heart friendly unsaturated types.  These nuts are also a rich supplier of various other valuable nutrients, like pistachios are an excellent supplier of lutein as well as zeaxanthin, antioxidants which support your eyes to stay healthy. You can find a good amount of vitamin E in almonds & heart friendly omega-3 in walnuts. You just need to monitor the serving portions.

2. Coffee

In some present studies some types of coffee is considered fine with breastfeeding as well as pregnant women. Though caffeine is one of the main compounds of coffee, but it’s not restricted within it. Some other compounds are able to lower the possibility of diabetes, dementia, liver cancer etc. As per Joyce Hendley’s Eating well magazine’s march/april issue, betterments are connected with having 2-4 cups daily. Continue reading “5 “Bad” Foods: Myth vs. Reality”