World Hemophilia Day Showed More Faces of Bleeding Disorders

You have heard about the name hemophilia but you might not know how many other bleeding disorders are also present other than this disease and a huge number of men and women are suffering from those disorders.

world-hemophilia-dayOne of the most common bleeding diseases is Von willerbrand that is also present in both males and females.

The hemophilia organizations along the world celebrated the world hemophilia day on April 17, 2010 and on that day it was aimed to create more awareness among people regarding this disease.

The World Federation of hemophilia launches different seminars and conferences each year and the aim behind it is to create more awareness regarding this disease as even now there are lots of people who are having this problem but are not aware of it.

While discussing about the plan Mark Skinner, WFH president said that “the goal of the World Federation of Hemophilia is that, one day, treatment will be available for all those with inherited bleeding disorders, regardless of where they live”.

Basically it has been reported that many people don’t have adequate access to diagnosis and treatment and they should be provided ample help regarding this matter and world hemophilia day is dedicated only to create awareness for hemophilia, Von willerbrand and other such diseases that prevent blood clotting.

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