Why you should Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

If you want to maintain a healthy body then turn to fruits & vegetables. They are valuable for each & every aspects of human body. These are the best options to create a healthy & a fit body. Try to eat fresh fruits & vegetables. These are more useful & also have an excellent taste along with vibrant colours.

•    Fruits & vegetables are an outstanding source of antioxidant agents. It can protect your body from free radicals.
•    In comparison with meats vegetables they contains less calories, which is good for your healthy body.
•    Include fruits & vegetables in your daily diet; it will help you to keep your heart healthy & free from several ailments.
•    These are also rich source of fibre which helps you to reduce your cholesterol level & also are an excellent remedy for constipation.
•    Fruits & vegetables (source of potassium & magnesium) can control your blood pressure level.
•    Source of potassium, other phytochemicals & antioxidant can reduce the possibilities of stroke.
•    Vitamin C & several carotenoids prevent adult blindness, macular degeneration & cataract.
•    People above 50 are mostly prone to painful disease diverticulae. High fibre intake (which is possible through vegetables & fruits) is one of the helpful remedies.
•    Fruits & vegetables also help you to control your blood sugar level.  Fibre retards the assimilation of sugar in your blood.
•    These things are strong enough to convince your sweet tooth. Trying fruits for its sweet taste also give you some extra body energy & valuable nutrition.
•    Fruits and vegetables are full of vibrant colours and that makes their appearance more exiting.

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