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What is C-section and Why Should You Choose C-section?

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A Caesarean delivery is a surgery performed for delivering a baby through the mother’s abdomen. This procedure is commonly known as a c-section. Although many pregnant women request it today to avoid the pain of normal birth, this complex surgery involves risks.

Why Should You Choose C-section?

A c-section is conducted if the doctor considers that this is the safest way for both the mom and the baby.

The most common reasons are:

  • The mother expects more than one baby
  • The mother suffers from heart problems, herpes or HIV infection
  • The mother’s blood pressure is too high
  •  There is a problem with the placenta, umbilical cord, the shape of the pelvis
  •  The mother had given birth before through c-section
  •  The baby is wrong-positioned for a safe delivery
  •  The baby has a slow heart rate

Some women choose to have a c-section because they are frightened of the concept of giving birth.

Caesarean delivery

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Description of the C-section Procedure

The procedure needs between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. The patient is taken to the operating room and she receives medication that will block any feeling from the chest down. This is so the patient to not experience any pain even though she will be aware. General anesthesia is used only for emergency c-sections.

The doctor makes two incisions. The first cuts the skin and the tissue underneath. The uterus will be opened during the second incision. This should be wide enough for the baby to fit through.

The baby is supported by the doctor’s hand while another pushes the uterus to push the baby out. The baby’s nose and mouth will be cleaned using suction. Now that the baby is out of the uterus, the doctor will cut the umbilical cord.

The last step is to remove the placenta. The uterus and the abdomen will be cleaned and stitched.

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