Wearing Contact Lenses for Sports and Athletics

When thinking about the benefits of contact lenses over glasses, many people focus on the aesthetic aspects of eyewear and leave it at that. The most obvious difference, of course, is in appearance. Glasses are visible on the face and can dramatically alter your appearance, whilst contact lenses are subtle and don’t change the way you look. However, there are lots of other major differences between the wearing of each. Glasses are a physical presence on the face – you can feel them, and they can move around, especially if you participate in sports or similar activities. On the other hand, if contact lenses are put in right then you can barely feel them. It is very rare for contact lenses to be dislodged or to fall out, so you can wear them for even the most strenuous physical activities without having to worry. With the Olympics coming up this summer, sports and athletics are more popular than ever and so more people are choosing to participate.

If you wear glasses and would like to play sports and participate in athletics but feel prohibited by your eyewear, you should certainly consider contact lenses as a plausible solution. Just because you get some contact lenses to wear on occasion doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your glasses – you can wear the lenses when it suits you, and switch back to your glasses whenever you wish. If you will only be wearing lenses very occasionally, you can even get hold of daily disposables; these can be thrown away after one use and require no maintenance or care. If you find yourself using lenses more often, you may wish to invest in a more long term pair; for example, weekly or monthly lenses which need to be taken out and put away in a special container. Some lenses can even be worn overnight, and for long stretches, without needing to be removed. To find a pair of lenses to fit your needs go to www.getlenses.co.uk.

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