Ways to Vanquish Your Insomnia

Sound sleep is one of major secrets of healthy living. but in the present scenario most of the people bear the pain of insomnia. Majority of people depend on pills to defeat insomnia. But pills always have some side effects; at the most you will get habituated to it. Try some natural remedies rather than depending on pills.

•    When you try to conquer your insomnia, try to control your bedroom temperature. Most of the people sleep well at cool temperatures.

•    Noise can also be a cause of insomnia. If you are living in the city then it’s not possible to stop all the noise, but try to overcome them. You can use earplugs.

•    Light can affect your sleep. Before going for bed make sure that lights are off, you can wear sleep mask, cover your windows with thick material.

•    Few more things that you can apply to overcome insomnia are:

•    If your partner is in a habit of getting up various times during the night ask him to sleep in that part of the bed which is closest to the door.

•    Don’t allow your pet to sleep on your bed.

•    Use your bedroom only for sleeping. Don’t use it for any other purposes, like eating etc.

•    You can even take a hot bath before sleeping. It will make you feel relaxed.

•    Switch off your computer, TV at least an hour before bedtime.

•    You can try yoga, meditation to overcome this problem.

•    You can even try aromatherapy, which will make you feel sleepy.

•    Try some counter-productive ideas or you can go for a cognitive behaviour therapy to reduce this problem.

•    You can try age old remedies like lukewarm milk; you can even pour honey in your lukewarm milk etc.

•    Try to reduce consumption of tea, coffee at night.

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