Watermelon Agua Fresca

Low fat food products are always helpful in maintaining the body weight & size. Consuming fat foods always leads to watermelon_agua_fresca1obesity problem, which in turn encourages many other diseases. So try the following low saturated fat recipe & maintain your body weight.


1.    Watermelon- 8 cup (cut into cubes & seeded)
2.    Lime juice (fresh)- ¼ cup

3.    Water- 1 cup
4.    Sugar- 1/3 cup
5.    Club soda- 4 cups (you can use seltzer water also)
6.    For garnishing- A few lime slices


•    In your food processor pour the half of the sugar, half of the watermelon & half of the water. Blend it until you get the smooth puree.
•    Repeat it for the remaining ingredients.
•    Now place it in a large strainer to remove all the remaining lumps.
•    Add the lime juice & mix well.
•    Place the container in the refrigerator foe almost 4 hour (until you get the chilled texture).
•    Before serving stir the club soda & decorate with the lime slices.

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