Vitamins Offer No Help to Avoid Cancer, a New Study Suggests

The results of another study have shown that the so-called fighting powers of different vitamins (like E, C and cancer-1beta-carotene) prove ineffective to avoid cancer in women when used in supplement forms.

The surprising thing about the study is that is declares ineffective even to beta carotene which is a much hyped vitamin supplement to avoid cancer.

Jennifer Lin, who led the study, says in this connection: “Just taking vitamins supplements is not enough to hamper the growth of cancer.”

But consuming a good amount of different vegetables and fruit is not a bad idea in this regard, says Lin.

During the past some years, several studies have shown that different vitamins supplements like C, D, E, provide no help to avoid cancer whether they are taken alone or in combinations. The new findings oppose other studies which have suggested that vitamin supplements help to avoid cancer because of their antioxidants effect.

In their study, the researchers randomly assigned 8,171 women to take a vitamin supplement, a combination of it or some placebo. These supplements containedvitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin E.

The researchers found that among these women, 624 had developed cancer and 176 out of them died during the nine years course of the study. However, the researchers couldn’t find any significant evidence that the vitamins supplements hurt or helped the odds of developing cancer in those women.

The study has been published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Dec. 30 issue.

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