Vitamin B1 May Reverse Kidney Damage in Diabetics

The results of a study suggest that vitamin B1 doses can prove helpful to reverse kidney disease in diabetics.vitamin-b1

The Warwick University researchers noticed vitamin B1 (thiamine) effects on 40 patients from Pakistan.  Vitamin B1 is sufficiently found in the grain, yeast and meat.

According to the reports from the journal Diabetologia, the vitamin seems to help in stopping key protein loss in the urine.

These findings have been built on the Warwick University researchers’ early work that showed many patients with diabetes were deficient in thiamine.

The researchers said that most of the diabetics could be helped by the doses of vitamin B, as most of these diabetics had vitamin B deficiency.

In patients with diabetes tiny blood vessels begin to damage and when this damage occurs to those blood vessels that carry blood to the kidneys, they don’t work accurately and many important proteins like albumin become the part of the urine instead of blood.

The researchers found that those patients who were treated with vitamin B supplement soon returned to normal albumin emission from the blood.

Paul Thronalley, who led the study, says in this connection, “ It was the first study of its kind and its results showed that thiamine doses could prove effective to avoid kidney disease in diabetics at early stage.

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