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US Researchers Develop Robotic Device for Stroke Patients

by Ana

robotic-device.gifAmerican researchers have developed a robotic device for hand exercise that may prove effective to help stroke patients recuperate motor skills even after six months of a stroke.

Brain scans show that device enhance activity in those brain parts that control hands’ use. The device is given to patients to squeeze with their diseased hands.

“We are still quite hopeful that if these stroke patients choose right kind of exercises, they will definitely get better,” says Aria Tzika, who led the study that presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

In the US, stroke has become the third biggest killer following heart disease and cancer. It is also a leading cause of intense long-term disability. According to an estimate, almost 700,000 people become the victim of stroke in the US every year.

In some cases strokes damage some parts of the brain that restrict patients’ movement. In this study, the researchers tried to find whether their device proved helpful for stroke patients even after six months of brain attacks.

While testing the device on five patients who didn’t have motor control at their right hands after suffering from stroke, the researchers found that device quite effective for these patients.

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