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Unhealthy lifestyle may double stroke risk

by Ana

Results of a UK study show that unhealthy lifestyle can put people at higher risk for stroke. People, who are less physical active, brain_attackconsume too much alcohol, smoke and have least amount of fruit and vegetables in their daily servings, have higher odds to be a victim of stroke.

According to the researchers, only a small proportion of the people who participated in the study had such lifestyle as could protect them against stroke.

A report in the British Medical Journal shows that people in UK have to spend £7bn on the condition every year.

There are some previous studies which indicate that unhealthy lifestyle like diet and smoking can increase the risk of stroke and heart attacks. However, the effects of a combination of risk factors were not quite clear in healthy people.

In their study, researchers from East Anglia University assigned one point for each healthy behavior that participants (aged 40-79) reported.

People who didn’t smoke were given one point. Researchers gave one point to those who consumed one to 14 alcohol units during a week.  Similarly, those who consumed five fruit and vegetables portions a day and who were physically active were given one point respectively.

The researchers found that people with zero scores had two times higher risk to become a victim of stroke during 11-year of follow up. At the same time, with every decreasing point in the scores, an increase was noted in the odds of getting a stroke.

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