Tuscan-Style Tuna Salad

High fiber food is able to reduce your constipation problem & also maintain regularities in your bowel movements. It tuna-saladhas the potential to control your blood sugar level. Fiber is a good option to control your cholesterol.
Try the following high fiber containing recipe for your well-being.


1.    Tuna chunks (light) – 1-6 ounce cans (drained)

2.    Cherry tomatoes- 10 (quartered)

3.    Salt- ¼ tsp

4.    Lemon juice- 2 tbsp

5.    Extra virgin olive oil- 2 tbsp

6.    Small white beans- 1 1/5 ounce (rinsed)

7.    Ground pepper- As per taste

8.    Scallions- 4 (sliced & trimmed)


•    Take a large sized bowl.

•    Add together beans along with the tomatoes, tuna, salt, pepper, lemon juice, oil & scallions.

•    Stir well (make it slowly) to mix all the ingredients properly.

•    Place the bowl into the refrigerator (for almost 1-2 days) & then serve.

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