Tuna Melt: A Healthy Dish

Excess sodium increases your blood pressure to rise which directly affect your heart & enhance the chances of heart tuna-melt12diseases, stroke etc. Hypertension is one of the culprits which can ruin your health. Hypertension even can cause kidney ailments as well as calcium as well as potassium & may be magnesium deficiency. For living healthy you need to focus on your diet, where low sodium diet is noticeably important.


1.    Tomato- 2 (chopped)
2.    Salt- As per taste
3.    Cheddar cheese- ½ cups (sharply shredded)
4.    Bread slice (whole wheat) – 4

5.    Lemon juice- 1 tbsp
6.    Shallot (medium sized) – 2 tbsp
7.    Leafy parsley- 1 tbsp
8.    Mayonnaise (fat reduced) – 2tbsp
9.    Pepper (freshly ground) – According to taste
10.    Canned chunk light tuna- 12 ounce (drained well)


•    Arrange for a broiler & preheat it.
•    Take your bread sliced & use the toaster to toast it.
•    Now take a medium sized bowl & mix together lemon juice along with tuna, pepper, salt, parsley, shallot, hot sauce & mayonnaise.
•    Use a spoon to spread the tuna mixture over every toast slice.
•    Over the mixture arrange sliced tomatoes along with shredded cheese.
•    Over the baking sheet put the sandwiches properly & allow it to broil till the cheese is foaming as well as turn golden brown in colour (should take almost 4-5 minutes).
•    Now serve your healthy sandwiches hot.

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