Things to remember before going out in the sun

Though summer is the perfect time for outside enjoyment but comes with various side effects. So you need to be a sun1little more careful before going out under the scorching sun.

•    When the ultraviolet rays get stronger (in between 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.), try to keep your distance from the scorching sun.

•    You can wear sunglasses, hat (with wide brimmed) & also remember to wear full sleeved clothes to protect yourself.

•    Almost 30 minutes before going out apply the sunscreen lotion over your skin. When spending time outside smear the lotion on your skin after every two hours (even when the weather is cloudy).

•    Reflective surfaces like- water, ice etc give back almost 85 % of harmful rays so you need to be little more conscious there.

•    Before going out remember to apply UVA/UVB of 15 or more SPF (Sun Protection Factor) containing sunscreen lotion. Try to make the sunscreen lotion a daily part of your life.

•    Try to use the self tanner with SPF; it will give you the look without any affects. For some good result you can also use the sprays.

•    You can also apply the sunscreen during playing any sport (can be applicable in winter also). Spraying sunscreen will provide protection from greasiness.