Taking Care of Your Skin in Extreme Weather Condition

Taking Care of Your Skin

Extreme weather condition/climate can leave severe skin damage. So you need to be quite careful about keeping your skin-careskin healthy. Proper nourishment is the perfect option for keeping your skin healthy in every condition. You need to protect your body from exposure in tough weather condition.

•    According to your skin type you need to choose the perfect moisturiser which you need to apply in every morning as well as in night (if required).

•    When you are not well there are chances that you can develop various skin disorders. So try to boost up your immune system with well balanced foods. Vitamin C rich diet is also recommended for averting cold.

•    Try to keep your distance from changing of temperature. Coming to an excessive hot atmosphere from excessive cold temperature can affect your skin. Always maintain a low temperature for your heating.

•    You need to protect yourself from damaging UV rays. For making yourself safe you require to use sunscreen lotion (SPF factor high). Make sure that you are wearing cotton made loose clothes in hot summer. Remember to apply sunscreen lotion in winter too.

•    You can also apply some moisturising masks. It will nourish your skin. Natural mask with honey along with herbs or fruits, yoghurt can give you some effective result.

•    When you are going out under a chilli winter make sure that you are covering your body (with weather appropriate clothing) as much as you can. Also try to stay under shelter as much as possible.

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