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Cucumber: Natural Beautifier

Do you know that this long green summer fruit is not only a must for you Cucumbersalads, but a natural nourishing agent for your skin, too? You must have seen thousands of skin products ranging from face wash to scrubs and masks featuring cucumber as the main ingredient. Having a salad with cucumber is a healthy as well as delicious experience. Applying it superficially is another experience; a COOL one. Cucumber has an amazing cooling effect on the skin.

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How to protect your skin?

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to our skin and causes skin cancers. Researchers have illustrated that the caspase-14 protein – whichprotect-your-skin_jpg has unknown function up to now, not only maintain the balance of moisture in the skin but also provide protection against UVB rays present in sunlight. Future planning is to increase the production of caspase-14 that will provide new possibilities of strengthening the skin as a barrier against all kinds of external stress.

The lack of caspase-14 has very harmful effects on the skin function as a protective barrier, which results in dehydration and very low protection against UVB. Although with the few useful tips, skin can be protected from the external stresses.

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Beauty and Health Tips for Moms

We often observe when a woman becomes a mother; she doesn’t find time to pay attention to herself. Whether it is a household wife or a working woman, both ignore themselves, having the reason of business. Although this is included in their duties, being a woman they should pay attention to their health and appearance. A woman is a delicate creature of God, carelessness and hectic routine spoils her beauty.

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Some Healthy Tips for Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin Cancer Prevention

skincancerThe most common skin cancers are melanoma, basal cell cancer & squamous cell cancer. Basically it’s a type of malignant growth. At the early stages most of these ailments are detectable.

Sun exposure is one of the major reasons of skin cancer. But you can’t just confine yourself within the home, specially if you are a working person.

  • Reduce the sun-exposure as much as you can (specially from the strongest rays 10 am- 4 pm). From TV and newspaper you can find out the UV index at your area.
  • Before going out don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion (30 minutes before you go out) with SPF factor of 15 or upward.
  • To protect your lip use lip balm/cap stick with SPF assurance.

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Acai Berry Power 500: Some well-known benefits

Everyone (Yup, I really mean everyone) yearns for an ideal body shape and disease-free life, but often increasing body weight comes forward as a hurdle to get what people want to get. Often after suffering enough from increased body weight, people look for different options to get rid of this curse. They look for diet reviews, they look for other weight lose product reviews, they look for surgery options and they look for everything that they think can help to bring them back in an ideal shape. When it’s about losing weight and regaining energy, a product known a diet known as Acai Berry Power 500 has been touted as the best diet.

The local populace of the South American region have been using acai berry (organic acai) for centuries. People who used to consume organic acai claimed that it could enhance health by providing fuel source for the body, increasing the immune system and removing bodily waste.  It was long before actual scientific studies were conducted to know about the related benefits of the tiny dark-purplish berries.

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