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Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Nappy rash or diaper rash is very common among infants. Mostly it eliminates on its own, but for the few days that it persists, it is very torturing for kids. So try a few home remedies to give them some early comfort. You can even consult with your paediatrician before starting these processes.

•    In a tub full of lukewarm water add 2 tbsp baking soda. For almost 10 minutes twice a day give your baby a bath, remember to keep them sited.

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Home Remedies for Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be called as an acute loose motion, with pains or cramps. People can even experience nausea & headache.  It is a painful obstacle to our healthy smooth life. Excessive motion makes us feel weak & we started feeling drowsy. It is not a un- solving problem, we have several home treatments which are useful to treat diarrhea, though in a few cases we need professional advices.

•    Because of diarrhea your body looses lots of fluids, so drinking plenty of water is the best way to fill that gap & protect your body from dehydration.

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Natural Remedies for Dacryocystitis

A particular type of eye infection is known as dacryocystitis. It is a painful ailment with redness or itching or swelling or inflation etc, but there are a few quick solutions for this irritating ailment. Though in few cases you need to consult with a specialist, but several home remedies are also available.

•    Arrange a piece of fresh cloth & gently plunge it in lukewarm water, squeeze the cloth & compress slowly on the inflation on the eyes. It will give you some relief from the itchiness.

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Remedies for Sore Nipples

Blessing of motherhood always come with some difficulties, sore nipples is one of them. It is quite a common but painful problem for almost every breast feeding mother. They experience a hardened feeling, extreme pain etc. There are a few accessible ways there to eliminate this problem.
•    One of the best remedies for sore nipples is the breast milk. Spread a little amount of milk on the nipple surface & allow it to dry.

•    Another effective way is hair dryer. You can apply hair dryer on low temperature to dry your nipple. It can give you some soothing feeling from the uncomfortable feeling.

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Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common occurrence; people can suffer from this problem through different ways. But whatever the way is this is a definitely uncomfortable situation for you & your body.  Most of the people like to go for prescribed medication, but there are various natural remedies which have also been recommended for acid reflux. These remedies might be useful for one person, but may do nothing curable for another person. It’s a kind of trial & error process.

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