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Arthritis a very painful experience: Some remedies for providing some relief from the pain

Every disease is painful & is also responsible for creating obstructions in your smooth moving life. Sometimes the pain turn so intense that we need go for some medicated injections. It’s a huge obstacle to our regular normal movements. There are a few natural curing processes available within our limit, which can give you some effective results.

•    Glucosamine & chondriotin are highly recommended for refurbishing the injured cartilage. These are knows as an effective treatment for the arthritis pain.

•    Another effective way of get some relief is MSM.  Vegetables, cow milk, fresh meat etc contains this sulphur compound.

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Some natural remedies for providing relief from cough

Cold & cough is a very common problem worldwide. Mostly it occurs at the time when seasons change. Sometimes intense cough can lead to vomiting. Mostly we prefer to have antibiotics for the treatment purpose, but before doing that we can try easy home remedies.

•    Prepare a mixture of ginger extract along with pinch of black pepper & a tbsp of honey. Try to take this 3-4 times a day. It will give you some relief.

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Remedies of binge-purge syndrome

Binge-purge syndrome also known as bulimia is a sort of eating problem. It mostly occurs in the adolescence period. Body tries to get rid of the food products before its digestion. It leads to vomiting. There are a few way out for this problem, which can give you some relief.

•    Whenever you realise the symptoms go for professional check-up. Don’t delay the treatment; early treatment can give you some early relief.

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Effective Remedies for Warts

Warts or verruca mostly occurs because of infection. It can happen on several areas like- legs, neck, hands, face, genital area, feet etc. It has several very easy remedies which can give you some effective results if you continue those remedies on a regular basis.

•    Duct tape is very common to remedy for warts. For about six days put a duct tape piece on the wart. Now with lukewarm water soak the damaged area & then use the pumice stone to scrap the area. It will give you an early recovery.

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Easy Remedies for Stomach Bug

Most of the time unhealthy or unhygienic food habit or even sometimes dirty utensils or drink, can cause to stomach infections. It leads to nausea, drowsiness, cramps etc. It obstructs our daily life, because of the uncomfortable feeling, but there are several remedies within your limit. They can give you some effective results.

•    Rest for almost couple of hours after eating & allow your stomach to get cleaned. You can just have simple liquid, like- water, apple juice etc.

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Remedies for Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is popularly known as gastroenteritis. It’s a very common problem worldwide, but it always damages your daily healthy lives. Sometimes it happens along with cramps, nausea etc, but you have several options for its treatment, try some home remedies to get rid of this problem.

•    Herbal teas have been recommended to find some relief from stomach flu. You can even consume easy available peppermint & ginger tea.

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