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Scientists are trying to produce such hair colors that will yield long-lasting effects

Hair Colors

Graying of hairs, it is the common problem of majority of people in this world. In the past, people used to relate grey hairs with age-factor, but now-a-days even young people are suffering from graying of hairs. No need to worry, progress in the field of technology has contributed a lot to solve this problem.

Most of the people use methods like permanent coloring of hairs. If you are among them, you will be glad to know that different researches revealed that in the coming years some hair colors will provide the permanent and long-lasting effects. Apart form it, such innovation will also help you to get rid of graying of hairs.

Hair dye is a most happening and international industry. Permanent hair-color involves use of the PPD (P-Phenylenediamine) that fabricate more dark and brown shades when you expose to air. Day by day increase in demand of permanent hair colors has induced the researchers to come up with most effective solution to this global problem.

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Itch: An embarrassing problem

Itching is one of the most annoying skin ailments. It can make you feel embarrassed in front of others. So remedies are very much required & when you get some easy home remedies then it very easy to reach at a result.

•    Aloe Vera is highly recommended for giving you some relief from itch. You can apply directly the gel like liquid coming out from the leaves.

•    Make a paste of cinnamon powder & honey (equal quantity) & apply it on the affected area. Leave it for a few minutes & then remove it with cold water.

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