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Fundamental Causes of the Threat of HIV AIDS

1. Introduction

The disease HIV Aids has been spreading all over the worlds in a very numerous level. Every day a large amount of people are killing due to the virus of Aids. The ratios of death toll have been continuously increasing day by day. The scientists have been entirely worried by seeing the enormous amount of killing especially in the region of Asia. There have been almost 8 million fatal of HIV positives for every year. This would be more alarming so as to the verdict of the scientists that this ratio would cross in a multiple numbers till the period of 2020.

Today almost, 5 million people have been fighting with this dangerous disease in Asia along with it’s near by regions like the Pacific zone. More or less 44,000 patients of HIV positive have been vanished from the life of earth every year in these states. The social and natural scientists in this way have conducted a lot of ethnographies, documentaries and the researches. They would estimate that 55,000 people would be killed till the period of 2020 in the zones of Asia. But what would be the total amount of HIV Aids fatal in all over the world.

2. Causes of HIV AIDs Virus

Enormous amounts of death toll have been confirmed. The scientists have shown many reasons before us of the HIVinfection.They have wind up with many general and fundamental causes of the HIV infection. Let’s discuss them one by one.

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Asia in the High Zone of HIV Cases & in the Threat of HIV AIDS

HIV disease is scrolling all the over the world at a rapid speed. It is causing numerous people in the sleep of death. The death rates are increasing day by day at a speedy level as the scientists are absolutely dam worried about this increasing tendency of HIV.

Similarly a news published on Wednesday where it is estimated that only in Asia almost 8 million people are supposed to be died of every year due to the virus of HIV Aids and these numbers will be enhance into promotion till the period of 2020. At this time, 5 million people are fighting with the virus of HIV AID positive in Asia and the regions of Pacific. Just about 440,000 people are vanishing in these states every year.

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