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ACORN Focusing On Underserved Communities for Cancer-Related Clinical Trials

“Accelerated Community Oncology Research Network Inc. (ACORN)” is a unique network consisting of progressive community clinics working together to change how the pattern of the clinical trials could be better implemented. It was founded primarily as ‘The West Clinic’ in Memphis, Tennessee to address the inefficiencies of clinical research. It consists of a group of experts dealing with clinical research, oncology, data management, regulatory, information technology, business development etc.

It has recently come with an announcement that it is going to include underserved communities like African Americans in. The number has increased to 32% from 20% since 2007.

Lee S. Schwartzberg, MD, President of ACORN says that    “Community oncology clinics care for over 84% of the nation’s cancer patients”. These clinics have dramatically improved access to care including the underserved.

According to the 2000 census, African Americans make up 12.9% of the US population; however they represent only 7.46% of all clinical trial participants down from 7.9%. The reason behind less participation of this sect of population is lack of awareness among them of the availability of such trials.

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Paternal Exposure to Toxins Affects Fetal and Post Natal Development of Offspring

Scientists have been conducting researches for a long time and now they have come up with sound evidences that the paternal exposure could be making serious impacts on the fetal and post-natal development of the offspring. It is more likely that such imprints will also be reflected in subsequent future generations as well.Until now the maternal exposure to several of the dangerous toxic agents during the period of pregnancy were the prime concerns for experts, scientists, and society at large.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science’ sponsored a multidisciplinary symposium recently. This symposium was focused on the concept of “Father and Fetus”. Scientists in this symposium presented many evidences that the reproductive success and post-natal development processes could be severely affected by the male-mediated influences and this may continue from one generation to another.

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