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Recurrence of stomach cancer can be prevented by eradicating H. pylori (a common bug) from the stomach, a new study suggests.

Helicobacter pylori that has proved as a cause of stomach ulcers also has link with stomach cancer, a new study suggests.

The researchers investigated the cases of 550 people who had surgery for their stomach cancer. They found that the risk of developing cancer second time decreased twice by using antibiotics that killed Helicobacter pylori.

To find whether killing of the bacterium really stops the development of the cancer, more than 56,000 British people will be under a trial soon.

H.pylori invades the stomach and it is considered the cause of more than 90% of duodenal ulcers and 80% of gastric ulcers.

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Skin Cancer Rates are on Increase Among Younger Women in the U.S.,Results of Analysis Suggest.

skin-cancerpic.jpgAccording to federal health officials reports, though the rates of new skin cancer cases has become steady in younger men, the number of women who are being diagnosed with skin cancer is on increase.

The U.S. government cancer statistics for the period 1973 to 2004 suggest that there has been a 50 % increase in new melanoma cases in younger women since 1980 but there was no increase for younger men during this period.

“It’s quite alarming” stated Mark Purdue who made the analysis for these statistics and it was published in the journal of Investigative Dermatology. “The things we are noticing in young adults at that time could predict a greater number of melanoma cases in older women.”

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Shifting From Open To Robotic Prostatectomy

Institutional impact on number of pelvic lymph nodes retrieved during RALRP while using robotic and open prostatectomy.

Open pelvic lymph node surgery (PLND) remains the best choice in patients with transitional and high-risk prostate cancer undergoing radical retro-pubic prostatectomy (RRP). A group in Rhode Island has adopted robotic-assisted for radical prostatectomy. They wanted to conclude whether robot-assisted laparoscopic PLND yields equivalent numbers of lymph nodes in comparison with open PLND.

After the approval of IRB institute, the databases of open and robotic prostatectomy reviewed at this institution. Patients undergoing RALRP with robotic PLND over a period of one year and patients undergoing open radical prostatectomy with open PLND within the last 5 years were documented. The pathology reports of surgery were keenly examined again to decide the number of lymph nodes obtained from each surgery of PLND. Statistical analysis was performed using Student’s t-test.

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Mammogram Assists Older Dutch Women

A new research has been conducted in the laboratories of Holland that the mammogram would help the female in securing their lives. This would also increase the life cycle of the women.
If we look at the cultural life of the Holland people, we would immediately imagine that the women are hard worker and inclined into social spheres than the men. The average life span of the Dutch woman is about 75 years.

The women are fighting with various cancer diseases in Holland. These are the lung cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, liver cancer and blood cancer etc. Meanwhile the use of mammograms has increased the intensity of the women. Their life activities are the same as before the diagnosis of the cancer diseases. So they are more happy, secured and chilly.

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Treatment of Rectal Cancer can be Improved by Extra Drug

Cancer cells may escape from chemotherapy but not from contraceptive drug

Better results have been found by adding cancer medicine Avastin to radiation and chemotherapy among the patients with rectal cancer.

And adding the contraceptive drug mifepristone (RU-486) to chemotherapy destroys ovarian cancer cells that remained after cisplatin cure. These are the results of two reports presented Tuesday at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting, in San Diego.
According to first study adding Avastin to chemotherapy and radiation enhanced three-year, disease-free existence by 91 percent in patients with rectal cancer

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Inherited Connection to Lungs Cancer

Nicotine Addiction in the Perils of Fatalism

An inherited alternative has been enormously acknowledged just in recent times. It leads the chain smoking people extra elastic towards their trend of addiction along with nicotine’s. The use of much expandable smoking raised a lot of risk factors among the people as the scientists and the laboratory physician of Pathology in a minute ago diagnosed. The continuous use of smoking will lead the smokers at marginal level of the lungs cancer. This crucial research is done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as well as given by the National Institute of Health.

The chief executive of NIH Dr. Elias Zerhouni demonstrated a most occurring prediction. The all researches and studies will soon press forward the chances of hereditary investigations. This will more classify all the DNA discrepancies. Which will in future enhance the threat of complicated bio deeds muddles?

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