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Smoking Facts

Tobacco is a substance taken inside the body through cigar, cigarette or pipe. It produces many diseases like cancer, stroke etc. Smoking is one of the form in which tobacco is used. Smoking is a slow killer. Smoking is very easy to start and you become addict to it. Finally if you try to quit from smoking, it is really a tough job. But it should be done to maintain our health in good condition. Once for all try to quit smoking since it is injurious to health. So take back your life by quitting smoking.

Smoking Facts and Tobacco Statistics:

  1. Day by day the number of persons smoking is increasing and if it continues it is expected that 1.6 billion peoples are smokers in the year 2025.
  2. In the whole world approximately 10 million cigarettes are purchased by the smokers in a minute.

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Brain Cancer Risk: Family History Plays a Key Role.

A new study suggests that if you a family history of cancerous brain tumors, it may put you at a higher risk of developing the same kind of tumors.

In this study, published in the Sept. 23 issue of Neurology, the researchers examined the medical records and family histories of almost 1,401 people who had either astrocytomas (tumors in the brain or spinal cord) or glioblastomas that is considered a more aggressive kind of astrocytomas.

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New hopes for block on cancer

According to American scientists, a big step has been taken to block the chemical that plays a key role in the growth of several cancers.

The scientists have unpicked the structure of an enzyme known as telomerase and it helps to keep cells in an undying state when it is active.

In more than nine out of ten types of tumors, telomerase seems to work.

The study, which conducted by Philadelphia’s Wistar Institute’s researchers, has been published in the journal Nature

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Run! If you want to defeat aging

The risk of premature death from cancer is less than half in elderly runners than non-runners.

According to the Stanford University Medical Centre team’s report, elderly joggers enjoyed a healthier life with fewer disabilities.

The findings have been published in Archives of Internal Medicine and they stress on the importance of regular exercise for older people.

Only the fittest survives.

In the study, the record of 500 older runners was tracked for more than twenty years and then it was compared to a similar group of non-runners. It’s worth mentioning that all participants of the study were in their 50s at the start of the study.

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Bone marrow transplantation

Patients with certain forms of cancer like leukemia, breast cancer and lymphoma are sometimes treated by performing bone marrow transplant. The basic purpose of bone marrow transplant in women with breast cancer is to provide them high-dose chemotherapy that attacks cancer cells and proves damaging for the normal blood cells. And afterward substitutes the damaged cells with healthy ones.

The spongy tissues found inside bone are known as bone marrow. There are stem cells in the bone marrow found in breastbone, hips, skull, ribs and spine. These stem cells produce blood cells in the body. There are three kinds of blood cells and they are known as red blood cells that carry oxygen in the blood, white blood cells that fight against attacking viruses and bacteria in our body and platelets that help in clot-forming of the blood.

More often, the prescription of bone marrow transplantation is made on individual basis. The things which doctors consider are age, physical condition, diagnosis and stage of disease.

During a transplant, the given bone marrow comes from you or from a donor that has matching bone marrow with yours. The matching process is known as human leukocyte antigen testing (HLA testing). This is a series of blood tests that evaluate the compatibility of tissues between the receiver and the donor.

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Cancer growth may slow down by using high dose vitamin C injection.

Vitamin-CAccording to the US scientists, a high dose vitamin C injection may help to hold the advance of cancers back. The scientists believe that the vitamin may initiate a critical chain reaction in the cancerous cell.

When that injection was given to mice, it halved the size of pancreatic, ovarian and brain tumors. The report has been presented in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

But the scientists from Cancer Research UK believe that high doses of vitamin C may interfere with cancer treatment as it has been suggested by many studies.

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