Some health benefits of Nettle Tea

Nettle is one of the nature’s gifted herbs which is full of benefits, specially while ingested in the tea form. It’s a rich nettel-tea1supplier of vitamins as well as zinc, magnesium, potassium, carotene, iron, calcium etc.

•    Nettle tea is a great remedy for women suffering from tremendous bleeding as well as from premenstrual syndrome. It has the potential to treat anemia.

•    It’s a rich supplier of sterols, which is responsible for the enlarged prostate. Nettle tea is able to lower the DHT activities.

•    It is a great option for hey fever, because it contains anti-inflammatory substances as well as natural antihistamine which can remove the nasal blockage.

•    Nettle tea has also been found to be useful for the hair loss problem.

•    Nettle tea is a useful way to melt the kidney stones & is also able to instigate the kidneys to expel extra water.

•    It has the potential to clear the leg cramps as well as involuntary muscular contraction.

•    It has also been recommended for treating the kidney inflammation, dysentery, diarrhea etc.

•    It’s believed that nettle tea help women to gain the lost energy after delivery. It’s also capable of increasing the generation of breast milk.

•    It’s believed that nettle tea can improve the women’s as well as men’s fertility.

•    Nettle tea has also been recommended for treating spring allergies, as well as it is able to give some relief from cough, urinary infection etc.