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Smoking Diseases

by Ana

Your body is affected gradually due to the nicotine entering the body every time when you smoke a cigarette. If you smoke for a long period, then your body will develop health problems like organ damage, heart disease and cancer. Each cigarette reduces 5 to 20 minutes of your life.

Bone Problems

Smokers loose bone density, so the risk of osteoporosis increases and the bone may break. As the lung function is reduced, smokers are less active than non-smokers.

Teen Age Smoking Problems

  • Bad Breath: smoking leaves the smoker with a condition called halitosis. The breath is bad for a smoker who smokes a cigarette, a cigar or a pipe.
  • Performance Of An Athlete Is Reduced: physical problems like rapid heart beats, shortness of breath are found in the athletes those who smoke. So their performance is less when compared with a non-smoker.
  • High Injury Risk and Slow Healing Time: The smoke produces collagen. It affects the tendons and ligaments. The healing time is much slower than the non-smokers.
  • Bad Skin: the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin is prevented due to the restriction of blood vessels. The smoker’s skin gets affected.
  • Illness: Cold, Bronchitis, Flue, Pneumonia can affect the smokers easily. It becomes worse if you suffer from asthma.

Stay Smoke Free:

Any form of tobacco is hazardous weather it is a cigarette, pipes, cigar or smokeless tobacco. You can reduce the number of cigarettes daily and at last you can quit. You will feel harder for the first few days while quitting process is going on. More energy, better performance, more cash, better looks are confirmed if you quit smoking. More life without any disease is the highest reward when you quit smoking.

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