Skillet-Seared Tomatoes with Melted Gruyère

Low sodium diet helps people to reduce their blood pressure level, which is very helpful for people suffering from high tomatoblood pressure. It has the potential to avert the fluid collection at your abdomen as well as lower legs. Reducing the blood pressure level automatically lowers the chances of heart ailments. It’s also found to be effective for kidney stones.  So try the following low sodium preparation to live a healthy life.


1.    Plum tomatoes (ripe but firm) – 4 (large size)
2.    Garlic clove- 1 (diced)
3.    Kosher salt- ½ tsp
4.    Pepper (freshly ground) – As per taste

5.    Sugar0 ½ tsp
6.    Gruyere, Mozzarella, or Fontina, Comte cheese- ¾ cup (shreded)
7.    Extra virgin olive oil- 2-3 tbsp
8.    Flat leaf parsley- 2 tbsp (minced)


•    Take a cast iron skillet or heavy stainless steel skillet.
•    Place it over medium temperature.
•    Allow it to be hot enough & then pour the oil.
•    Place the tomatoes (chopped side down) & let it cook until it gets tender (for almost 10-15 minutes).
•    Take a small sized bowl & combine garlic along with parsley.
•    Arrange for a wide spatula to turn the tomatoes gently (chopped side up).
•    Lower the temperature & scatter freshly ground pepper along with the salt & sugar over every tomatoes.
•    Now sprinkle the cheese (shredded) along with the parsley mixture equally over every the tomatoes.
•    Cover the skillet & let the cheese melt completely (for almost 1-2 minutes).
•    Now serve hot.

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