Simple Workouts Boost Cognitive Function in Elderly Women

In elderly women, simple exercises can offer the similar benefits to keep brain fit as they offer to keep the body fit.elderly-women

In this Canadian women study, the researchers found that those women who took part in different aerobic activities had nearly 10% higher cognitive functioning scores than those who didn’t take exercise. Similarly, it was noted that active women had better vascular response in their brain and had lower blood pressure as well. The study seems to suggest that improved blood flow in the brain helps to boost the cognitive functioning.

The study has been published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging Jan. 20 issue.

Marc Poulin, the lead author of the study says: “if you are not physically active, it means you are putting yourself at a higher risk fordementia or stroke.

Our study finds that people with better levels of physical fitness have an improved blood flow in their brain that leads to better cognitive functioning.”

“The message one can take from this study is that simple exercises and aerobics can help you a lot to get better level of fitness and stay mentally sharp and healthy in older age. One can achieve better level of physical fitness with regular simple exercises like brisk walk and proper diet.

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