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Senate Reaches a Tentative Deal on Worldwide AIDS Bill

by Ana

aids-pic3.gifTo fight diseases like AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis worldwide, the senate has reached to a tentative agreement to authorize a federal program again.

The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief was suggested with $15 billion in funding at the time of its creation five years back. Now the extension of the plan suggested $50 billion more to control HIV and AIDS in many countries of the world. Due to concerns over increased spending, seven Republican senators led by Tom Coburn had stalled that plan.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Ried announced the agreement in a deal and said “I am quite hopeful this bipartisan agreement wouldn’t be blocked by my colleagues on the other side, particularly, at the time of coming G- 8 conference”

Ried further added “If we are blocked by the other side to move forward, we are determined to move forward and consider offering a consent deal so that we finish this process in the coming work period.

To lead negotiation over reauthorization, Reid said that he was thankful to Richard Lugar and Sens. Joe Biden. Ried also accredited Coburn for his work on the act.

According to new bill’s writers arguments carers would be the best option to settle on how to give out money for treatment programs and prevention. However, Coburn concerns that the money would be wasted into unrelated growth and poverty reduction programs.

More than half of mutual AIDS funding would be used for treatment under this tentative agreement.

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