Roasted Papaya with Brown Sugar

Papaya is an excellent antioxidant along with other necessary nutrients like- folate, vitamin B, magnesium, potassium papaya2& minerals. It has potential to resist colon cancer & improve the cardiovascular system. Papaya also contains papain, a digestive enzyme. This outstanding source of vitamin A & C can promote your immune system. Papaya is also a good remedy for flu & colds. Consumption of papaya is effective for intestines & stomach. Papaya juice is an effective remedy for nausea & is able to resist constipation.

1.    Brown sugar (light) – 2 tbsp
2.    Ground ginger- ¼ tsp
3.    Papayas (medium size) – 2 (lengthwise cut into halves & seeded)
4.    Lime- 1 (chop into 4 pieces)
5.    Cayenne pepper- ¼ tsp

•    At 450 degree preheat the oven.
•    Take a small sized bowl & combine together ginger & sugar.
•    In a 10 by 13 inch baking plate place the papaya, chopped side up.
•    Scatter the sugar mixture over every piece.
•    Now brush the dissolved sugar mixture 3-4 times, till the edges of papaya begins to become dark in colour (for almost 40-45 minutes).
•    Remove from the oven & sprinkle the cayenne pepper & place lime wedges before serving.

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