Remedies for Intestinal Parasite

Intestinal Parasite

Tapeworms, roundworms etc are a few known intestinal parasites. These can cause diarrhoea, tiredness, stomach intestinal1pain, weight loss, nausea etc. These parasites can live in our body without showing any indicators, but is has various effective home remedies.

•    Having raw garlic is able to reduce the worms from intestinal tracks. Try to consume 2 to 3 raw garlic regularly in an empty stomach.

•    Prepare a mixture of raw papaya juice (1 tbsp) along with hot water (3 tbsp) & honey (1 tbsp).  Have the mixture regularly.

•    Pumpkin seeds have also been recommended for curing intestinal parasite. In 250 ml boiling water pour a tbsp of pumpkin seed & now have it in empty stomach.

•    Papaya seeds are believed to be a rich source of caricin, which is able to take off the roundworms. In a cup of milk add 1 tsp of papaya seed powder & consume it in an empty stomach. Papaya itself is also very much beneficial for intestinal parasite. It’s a rich source of papain which is capable of treating the intestinal parasites.

•    Pomegranate is an outstanding source of anthelmintic properties, which are able to kill those parasitic worms.

•    Carrot is also quite beneficial especially for thread worms. Try to have a cup of grated carrot in your morning meal without adding other food products into that meal.

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