Reducing stress level for working moms


Irrespective of age or sex people suffer from stress. Usually women who take care of most of the household jobs often working-mother-with-baby1suffer from stress. The things can get worse when a woman is a working mom. In such a condition they need to handle both the situation & thus stress level rises. With some different tricks you can decrease your stress level.

•    Have some discussion with your employer about making your schedule little flexible. If the discussions turn useless, then manage a day completely devoted to your family. Switch off your cell phone as well as your laptop. It this way you can create some balance between your family & career as well as it will help you to reduce the stress.

•    Experts believed that children don’t like to see their stressed parents. They do care about their stress. On the other hand parents try to spend maximum time with their kids which make them more stressed. So try to spend some fun filled time instead of caring how much time you are spending with them.

•    Study revealed that when a working mother is present at her office, she likes to be at home spending time with her kids, but when she is at home she like to be back to her office. So try to be confident about what you are doing & figure out the perfect perspective.

•    Instead of taking the responsibilities on your shoulder try to share it with your husband. Study revealed that dad’s involvement is quite appreciated when your kids are sick or when you are participating in teacher-parent meeting.

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