Pyratine XR: Ultimate Solution to Rosacea

Skin diseases are increasingly becoming common these days, due to pollution, increased ratio of allergens in therosacea atmosphere and drastic climate changes. One such skin ailment of benign nature is Rosacea. Many people ail due to this disease worldwide as it is quite common. The extensive outspread of this disease can be assessed by the figures of 2008 showing that nearly 14 million American residents were affected by it. To rescue rosacea sufferers from the hideous symptoms; a new product named Pyratine XR has arrived. A recent study has been conducted with Rosacea patients applying thereon this new cosmetic medicine.

This study was stretched around 48 weeks and was conducted at the University of California, Irvine. Subjects were Rosacea patients with mild symptoms to moderate ones. They were treated with Pyratine XR, which showed great improvement in almost 80% of the subjects. After the decided 48 weeks of clinical examination, 80% of the subjects showed an overall progress in the signs and symptoms of this disease.

It was an incessant improvement at the rate of 90% in lacerations and lesions; 45% in erithema i.e. the redness; and 28% in telangiestasia also called spider veins. With no significant reactions, this product was endured effortlessly by the subjects. As soon as 4 weeks, visible improvements in skin barrier function, water loss and skin dryness was witnessed.

This is indeed a great hope for Rosacea patients, as it is a chronic ailment, and does not leave a subject once the subject suffers from it. Such a non-reactive cosmetic medicine was needed for the poor population suffering from this mild though irritating skin disease. Pyratine has come up with that long awaited solution of Rosacea’s troublesome signs and symptoms. It is important to note that Pyratine XR can only be used with physician’s prescription, thus a patient cannot apply it to his/her skin without prior permission of a doctor.