Preventing Liver Enlargement at Home

Liver Enlargement

When inflammation appears in the liver the situation is called liver enlargement. It’s also known as hepatomegaly.  It liver-enlargement1can occur because of excessive alcohol consumption, blood disorders, hepatitis, liver cancer, jaundice etc. Though for serious cases professional guidance is necessary, but at the same time you will get various options through easy home tricks.

•    To get relief from liver enlargement you can also consume bitter ground juice (1/2 cup) with a pinch of salt.

•    Papaya is an excellent remedy for liver ailment, so daily consumption can give you some useful results.

•    Arrange for some spearmint juice & pour a little bit of sugar in it. Ingest it regularly (for almost ten days) to get some relief from liver enlargement.

•    For treating liver ailment you can also ingest the orange juice regularly (in empty stomach) for almost a week.

•    Arrange some bathu juice (1/2 cup) & pour a little bit of salt in it. Regular consumption can give you some useful results.

•    Prepare a mixture of salt (1/2 gm) along with the Sprague powder (2 gm) & consume it after you finish your meal (twice daily).

•    To maintain your healthy liver consuming brinjel has also been recommended.

•    Arrange for some chebulic myrobalan’s peel powder along with jaggery. Now prepare tablet with those ingredients (equal amount). Have this tablet with some lukewarm water twice regularly.

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