Preventing Depression among Children


Like adults a child can also become a victim of depression. It can be caused because of some activity or foods etc. If descriptiontreatment is not provided on time then it can make the situation worse.

•    Provide your children with well-balanced foods, which will supply carbohydrate as well as protein. If you provide only carbohydrate then after a few hours (after burning off the calories) they can feel tired.

•    Some alteration in diet can also leads to the depression.

•    Sometime deep breathing is also to release depression from body.

•    Children are always fond of chocolate, which contains excessive sugar & might motivate the allergies. Sometimes allergies are connected with mild depression.

•    Gentle soothing touch always improves the feeling of bonding. Gently massage their neck, arms, back etc. Allow them to enjoy their favourite cartoon character, provide them stuffed animals to play.

•    Make sure that you child participates in several activities, like- regular work outs, hiking, bike riding etc. These will help them to stay energetic.

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