Pregnant Women Should Cut Caffeine Intake

A UK government agency advises that pregnant women should reduce caffeine consumption and wouldn’t take more than two cups of coffee or four cups of tea a day.


The previous recommended levels of the stimulant levels were of 300mg a day, but now the Food Standard Agency has lowered them to 200mg which is a reduction of a third.

low birth weight of babiesThis recommendation follows Leicester and Leeds universities research that links caffeine to low birth weight of babies.

The study has been published in the British Medical Journal this week.

Usually children who born with a low birth weight can suffer health issues like diabetes and heart problem.

The advice seems to suggest that pregnant women shouldn’t consume more than just two average-sized cups of coffee per day.

According to FSA’s chief scientist Andrew Wadge, “Though it’s a new advice, the known risks are not new.”

“Women are reassured that if they are pregnant and have been following the previous advice, the risk is quite small.”

The new FSA guidance shows that women should stick to three or four cups of tea a day and check their intake of chocolate, cola and energy drinks.

Drinks that are available at coffee shops are far higher than the FSA recommended average-sized home-made cup.

In the study, which revised previous guidance, 2,500 pregnant women were involved.

This new guidance is according to another study that suggests that drinking lightly in pregnancy decrease the risk of behavioural problems in boys.

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