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Plant Substances Can Prove to be Good for Preventing Skin Cancer

by Ana

This thing is nowadays becoming very common that people are consulting plant-substancesnatural treatments for the cure of their physical as well as mental problems. Recently a research at the University of Texas Health Science center San Antonio, has shown that certain substances in plant when used in different combination can decrease the growth of skin cancer cells.

During the study the researchers tested the substances contained in grapes, berries, walnuts and a number of other plant-based foods on mice that have been genetically manipulated to be sensitive to skin cancer promotion.

The results obtained from the study were very positive and the plant substances proved themselves to be affective for the skin cancer. According to Zbigniew Walaszek, Ph.D., research associate professor of pharmacology at the Health Science Center “On the basis of our research, supplements and creams or sunscreens may be developed, tested in humans and then used to prevent skin cancer”.

The findings of this research have proved them to be quite beneficial because especially for the help of those people who are at higher risks of getting skin cancer, Dr. Walaszek’s colleague and wife, Margaret Hanausek, Ph.D., research associate professor of pharmacology are also supporting this belief.

According to Dr. Hanausek “The combined inhibitory effects of different plant chemicals are expected to be particularly beneficial to, for example, smokers, former smokers or individuals with heavily tanned skin, who carry thousands of cells already initiated for malignant transformation”.

So the natural ingredients have proven themselves again in another very important field.

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