Persistent cold may indicate Sinusitis

If you have been suffering from headache and stuffy nose for ore than seven days, it may be an indication of sinusitis that sinusitisoften occurs because of the common cold.

Nearly 31m people have to suffer from sinusitis every year, and it also becomes the cause of more than 18m doctor visits and health costs of more than $5.8b. The American Academy ofAllergy , Asthma & Immunology finds that people who have allergies have more chances to suffer from sinusitis and it is quite frequent during the winter.

Anju Peters, who is the chairman of the rhino-sinusitis committee at the Academy, says in this connection: “In the beginning, sinusitis and cold have similar sort of symptoms,

but if these symptoms begin to get worse after a week and persist more than a week, it may be an indication of sinusitis.”

When the sinus cavities (hollow regions behind the cheeks and forehead) get blocked due to allergy related inflammation, it causes sinusitis. Because of this blockage, the normal mucus’ drainage gets hampered and it causes infection. Gray or green nasal discharge are some symptoms of the disease and similarly, light fever, facial pain, foul tasting are some other symptoms.

If sinusitis is not treated appropriately, it may last even months or years. Decongestants to ease stuffiness and antibiotics are typical treatment for sinusitis.

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