Hormone replacement therapy for women

“The risks of breast cancer, stroke, heart attack and blood clots outweigh the benefits for bones. And we have other drugs we can use to prevent osteoporosis.”-Dr. Jerry Avorn, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School

HarmonesThere are several symptoms that signal the onset of menopause in women. Most women suffer from vaginal hot flashes, severe mood swings and itchiness or dryness. These irritating conditions are relieved by a treatment called hormone replacement therapy, also called hormone therapy for women. It has been a very popular and preferred treatment for uncomfortable menopausal symptoms. With natural menopause, the monthly cycles stop. The amount of hormones (progesterone and oestrogen) produced by the ovaries of a woman reduces significantly. Also, hormone replacement therapy is used in treating surgically menopausal women. The ovaries are removed by surgery for various reasons, hence the term ‘surgical menopause’.

Action of HRT

What hormone replacement therapy does is to provide the body with these hormones in order to reduce the postmenopausal symptoms that many women suffer from. There may be a slight risk in supplying just one of these two hormones. For example, for women with intact uterus, being given oestrogen might have a greater risk of endometric cancer. Of course, the amount of replacement hormones is less than what the ovaries normally produce in reproductive women. At a time, the replacement may not have many risks, but regular replacement of hormones might expose these women to slightly higher risk of strokes, cancer and fractures.

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In a nutshell about HIV & AIDS, TB and Cancer

AIDS is our number one enemy. This enemy can be defeated. While the research for a cure continues, four principles — love, support, acceptance and care for those affected — can make us winners.” – Nelson Mandela

AidsTreatment for patients who are HIV & AIDS positive is a combination of 3 antiretroviral drugs which are referred to as ART or antiretroviral therapy. This combination is used to repress the HIV virus and stop the progress of the disease. With this latest therapy of treating HIV & AIDS patients, there has been a drop in the death rates and reduced suffering also. Of course this drug has to be taken very regularly and any break in treatment will create a massive set back. Children and pregnant women are also given ART treatment.

Though the drug is expensive there are many NGOs in third world countries, who take the responsibility of treating patients free of cost with funds raised from various sources. The WHO has been taking an active part in the research and treatment of this dreaded disease.

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Fitness – An overview

Fitness1Fitness is a topic everyone should be concerned about. Certain professions require their membership to perform more physically demanding tasks than others, but a person who sits behind a desk should care just as much about his fitness as does a soldier or athlete. According to Wikipedia, ten attributes combined measure a person’s physical fitness: accuracy, agility, balance, body composition, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, flexibility, strength, power speed and stamina. The entry in the online encyclopedia goes on to state that mental fitness may also be considered part of a person’s over all fitness.

The average person may not face the challenges of a soldier or professional, but keeping his or her body in a good state of overall health will keep a person active longer into his life and prevent potential health problems.

Physical Fitness

It is impossible to turn on a television or radio without hearing a public service announcement exhorting children and adults to get away from the television, radio or in some cases off the Internet and go outside. These public service announcements air frequently because obesity and other health risks related to the lack of exercise have become a national epidemic. The President’s Council on Physical Fitness (PCPF) was created to address the issue.

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Excercise Program – A best way to improve metabolism and energy level

Exercises 3Obesity ranks as one of the leading health problems in Europe, the United States, and Canada. The rates of adult and juvenile diabetes have gone up along with the size of the waistline. Anyone who has been to a doctor’s clinic and stepped on the scale recently has been told to watch his weight and get more exercise. Starting an exercise program is a good idea regardless of a person’s age. Not only will starting an exercise program help an individual lose weight, it also improves muscle tone, metabolism, and boosts a person’s energy level.

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Effective way to avoid obesity is a healthy nutrition and a physical exercise.

Obesity1Obesity is a very common disease nowadays. Increasingly more people are suffering from it, as the main causes of obesity are based on people’s system of alimentation. Researchers and scientists have been trying to fight against it but the most effective way to avoid obesity is by having a healthy nutrition and a physical exercise. Most of the people suffering from obesity are sedentary people. Also, obesity affects people who neglect somehow their alimentation by eating fast food products and aliments that are rich in fats.

A commonly known thing about obesity is the fact that, in the past years, it has started to spread fast among people of all ages. The age is not important, as obesity may affect people of all ages. There are many causes that allow obesity to install in an organism but there are even more consequences of this grave disease.


There are numerous causes that allow obesity to install in an organism. However, most of these causes relate to people’s alimentation regime. Nowadays people are very much confronted with the lack of time or with stress. These are just some factors that change radically one’s metabolism and this can easily lead to more or less serious types of obesity. Hence, the main cause for obesity is the unhealthy alimentation. Doctors and researchers are very concerned about the statistics made for this disease. These studies have shown an increasingly large number of people suffering from obesity than in the past years. For this reason, specialists have started many projects of informing and educating people regarding every day’s nutritional system.

But besides the improper nutrition, there are also other factors causing obesity that do not relate to the food that people eat. One of these factors is stress. Besides the mental problems that stress may cause, it may also have negative results in the process of nutrition and in metabolism. Stress has been proven to be a very important cause for obesity.

Another cause for this disease is the hereditary obesity. However, cases of people who have taken this disease from their parents are fewer than the ones in which obesity is installed by cause of nutrition or stress.


Obesity2The most obvious symptom that obesity is signaled by is the considerable weight gain that people usually have. The increased size of the organism is what should first concern people who are suspected of having obesity. Besides that, another obvious symptom is the difficulty that the patient will have in breathing. The fact that the patient begins to snore and the difficulties he will have in breathing.

Another important symptom of obesity is the lowering of the patient’s overall energy. People suffering from this disease usually have great difficulties in moving and their life tonus is less intense. These difficulties of physical nature are typical for obesity and a person suffering from obesity has to be very determined in order to overcome them sooner or later.

Whenever people notice having one or more of there symptoms they should consider of visiting a doctor and getting the right treatment for obesity. Like most diseases, obesity has many stages and is highly recommended to begin treating it from its very early symptoms that may appear.


The best precautions to be taken in the case of obesity are the ones regarding the alimentary system. The special attention that people must give to their nutritional system is a very important precaution to be taken against obesity. Natural and regular diets along with physical exercises are very important in combating the causes of obesity. Doctors advise people to take this advice into consideration if they are trying to prevent obesity, as the number of people already suffering from this disease is very large. Hence, the precautions to be taken against obesity are numerous but people need to be better informed about them so as to be able to fight this disease from its early stages.


The most common and effective treatments for obesity are the ones including alimentary diets. There are many doctors specialized in obesity issues and nutritionists. The use of these doctors has increased greatly in the past years, as has the number of affected people. The effective treatments for obesity are, hence numerous and they can be personalized for each person regarding his or her disease features.

The alimentary regimes and diets must however be accompanied in many cases of medical treatment. There are special prescriptions for obesity and usually the effectiveness of alimentary diets is notable when pills are also administrated for this problem.

One needs to have a great will and determination in order to get over obesity and to lose the extra pounds that this disease comes with. However, psychologists also have an important role in convincing the patients of the great effects that their efforts will have.
Regarding obesity treatments, one can easily fin these by browsing them on the internet but the most reliable source of treatment is still the specialized doctor that prescribes it.
The obesity treatments are to be taken into consideration as they are a proven effectiveness and they are usually especially made for each person suffering from this disease.

Related best care centers around the world:

There are many health centers regarding the treatment of obesity. Their technologies are very well developed and they can help people suffering from any stage of obesity. People appealing to these centers are usually in grave situations of obesity, in which it is very difficult for them even to move around. The specialists from these health centers can help by working with them through the entire process of recovery. Many people find the aid that they need in these health care centers and this is a reason for the necessity of centers like these. Numerous solutions to obesity problems can be found by appealing at these health centers. The treatments are usually personalized for each patient in part, as the features of each patient are also different from one case to another.





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Brief details on Skin Diseases

Skin Skin diseases are some of the most dangerous diseases that affect the outside image of the patient as well. They can be of many types but they have almost the same causes and especially consequences. The most serious consequences are the visible ones. People who suffer from skin diseases usually have visible marks or traces left by these problems. Hence, the most serious problem when it comes to skin diseases is the exterior image of the patient. Among the most common skin disease, some are to be mentioned. These are candidiasis, acne, cellulitis, eczemas or even skin cancer. These diseases are considered by some specialists to be some of the most unpleasant, as they affect the image of the patient’s skin.

Since there are numerous skin diseases, there are also numerous causes that permit these affections to install. One of the most common causes for skin diseases is the incorrect or peccary skin hygiene, fact which can lead to serious consequences for the important element of the body that is skin. The lack of skin hygiene can lead to numerous diseases that affect skin, such as candidiasis or acne, which may also be considered as an affection of the skin.
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