Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne

Acne or pimple is a common problem around the world. Mostly teenagers suffer from this problem. There several products available in the market, but home remedies/natural remedies are more reliable.

•    Include plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables in your diet.
•    Eliminate all fast & junk foods from your diet.
•    Drink enough uncontaminated water during the day.
•    In few cases you can also go for professional consultation.
•    Try to improve your digestive system & get rid of any constipation problems.
•    Its a major problem for persons with oily skin, so keep your distance from oily products.
•    Use products which suit your skin type.
•    Depend on natural skin products; if possible don’t use any cheap products.
•    Neem soap has potential to clear the acne. It has anti-fungal properties. Even you can use homemade neem water (add clean neem leaves in the boiling water let it boil thoroughly and filter the water. Keep it in a refrigerator and use it whenever possible).
•    Include yoga or exercise in your daily routine.
•    Try to live a tension free , stress free life & stay happy.
•    Minimise caffeine consumption.
•    Lower the amount of dairy products & red meat from your diet.
•    Sunshine increases the production of skin healthy Vitamin D, try to get moderate sunshine (as much heat as your skin can enjoy) & plenty of fresh air.
•    Try to keep distance from face make-up or use oil free make-up.
•    Clean your face with cold water as much as you can or you can apply ice pack.
•    Stop pressing, picking, squeezing & rubbing pimples.
•    If you are going for a party cover up your acnes using very light dose of concealer.

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