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Natural Remedies for Dacryocystitis

by Souti

A particular type of eye infection is known as dacryocystitis. It is a painful ailment with redness or itching or swelling or inflation etc, but there are a few quick solutions for this irritating ailment. Though in few cases you need to consult with a specialist, but several home remedies are also available.

•    Arrange a piece of fresh cloth & gently plunge it in lukewarm water, squeeze the cloth & compress slowly on the inflation on the eyes. It will give you some relief from the itchiness.

•    Another great accessible option is herbal eyewash. Pour one tbsp of eyebright in 1 pint of boiling water & mix it properly. Let it cool & filter the liquid. Store it in a covered container & your effective eyewash is ready.

•    For the treatment of your problematic eyes lukewarm compress of chamomile & rose oil are also recommended.

•    To give your eyes some soothing effects dip a clean cloth in aloe Vera juice & put the cloth on your infected eyes.

•    To get rid of the inflammation & irritation you can also put cold bread on your affected eyes.

•    To flush out the foreign body from your infected eyes, moist your eyes with glycerine or artificial tears & then use the aloe-Vera eyewash.

•    You can create your own eyewash; like in half cup water add the 1 tsp dried elderberry blossoms.

•    Pour three tbsp honey in two cups boiled water, mix properly & let it cool. You can apply this mixture as antibacterial eyewash.

•    Always remember to avoid swimming in water containing chlorine (swimming pool).

•    Pour the distilled water in a glass jar or a glass bowl & place 6-7 jasmine flowers in the water. Cover the top & keep as it is overnight. Next day apply a few drops of that water with the jasmine flower. Repeat the process until your eyes are soaked. Follow this process 2-3 times a day.

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