Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common occurrence; people can suffer from this problem through different ways. But whatever the way is this is a definitely uncomfortable situation for you & your body.  Most of the people like to go for prescribed medication, but there are various natural remedies which have also been recommended for acid reflux. These remedies might be useful for one person, but may do nothing curable for another person. It’s a kind of trial & error process.

•    As an acid reliever a glass of milk has always been recommended, but there are some contradictions whether it should be skim milk or whole milk.
•    Chewing almonds in the morning or after the meal has been revealed as a miracle solution.
•    Water can dissolve the acid in the stomach so glass of water is a useful remedy for acid.

Consuming apple after meal can give you some relief from acid problems.
•    You can also chew a candied ginger when you are having acid related problems. You can even place a ginger in your tea.
•    Apple cider vinegar is also very useful remedy to prevent acid. You can swallow/intake two to three spoons of it or dilute in the same amount in lukewarm water.
•    Papaya enzyme (accessible as a pill) is an excellent remedy for acid reflux.
•    Aloe juice has also been recommended as a acid reflux for several patients.
•    Gum can increase temporarily the activity of salvia creation, which contains water & helps to clean the stomach.
•    Chamomile or fennel teas are also quite well known as a relief provider from acid reflux. It should be used in a moderate temperature.

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