Melanoma: Top Cancer in Young British Women

Melanoma is quite well-known as the most dangerous type of skin cancer and now according to data released by Cancer Research UK,melanoma1 it has emerged as the commonest cancer in young women in the UK. Previously, cervical cancer was at top in the list of cancers that would strike young women.

As a considerable number of young women are becoming the victim of this deadliest type of skin cancer and the new trend is quite worrying for the health authorities. The data also indicates that people above 75 years of age had the height rates of skin cancer.

However, according to some experts it can be a start of a new perilous trend as most of younger people especially women are being found with the disease. Though a small percentage of women that aged 20 or less were diagnosed with the disease in UK, but almost 3% cases occur in those who aged 50 or less.

Considering the current rates, Cancer Research UK has predicted that the disease will emerge as the fourth commonest type of cancer in men and women within next 15 years, and the number of cases might jump to 15,500 per year from the current 9,000 cases per year.

Some experts believe that this rise in number of skin cancer cases is due to a considerable increase in the number of people who tend to use tanning salons every now and then.

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