Lung Cancer Pill Shrinks some Tumors

Lung Cancer accounts for the maximum number of death in a year [1.3 million deaths per year].

Lung cancer is caused due to the tobacco chewing and smoking. At present there were no medications available which can give a higher 5 year survival rate [At present the 5 year survival rate of lung cancer patients are 7%]. Many medications like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and gene therapy has been practiced in conjunction with lung cancer previously, but the complication [in terms of side effect] only increased as there were no changes in the 5 year survival rate of the patients.

These entire saga virtually came to an end as the Pfizer Inc., has designed a new lung cancer drug known as Crizotinib. Crizotinib has reported to shrank and stabilize many different genetic variants of lung tumors. Crizotinib shrank the lung cancer for about 57% of patients and it did also stabilized 33% of patients. Ideally it was not applicable to treat all the variety of lung cancer.

But the results of this study make this drug as more important because of its multi potency.  Apart from this Kwak’s team has reported that about 72% of the lung cancer patients are feeling much better and enjoyed their six months during their trial with no disease progressing and worsening. Added to its success, Crizotinib has a greater and higher response to the ALK positive lung cancer patients. Pfizer is planning to submit data and get approval from the US Food and Drug administration to treat the Lung cancer.

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