Low-Sugar Cranberry Orange Bread

It is a rich source of antibacterial agents & is able to resist infections at urinary track. It has the potential to improve cranberry-bread-1the blood vessel functioning which is useful for people suffering from atherosclerosis. Cranberries are effective remedy for controlling your cholesterol level. It is also beneficial for high blood pressure; controlling the diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Study revealed that it has ability to fight against cancer.

1.    All purpose flour- 2 cup
2.    Oats cereal (uncooked) – 1 cup
3.    Sugar substitute- 1/4cup
4.    Baking soda- 1/2 tsp
5.    Baking powder- 1 tsp
6.    Salt (optional) – 1/4tsp
7.    Fat free milk- ¾ cup
8.    Orange juice- 1/3cup
9.    Egg substitute- 3/4cup
10.    Vegetable oil- 1/4cup
11.    Nuts (minced) – 1/4cup (optional)
12.    Cranberries (diced) – 1/2cup
13.    Grated orange peel- 2 tbsp

•    Take a 9×5 inch loaf pan & apply grease & flour.
•    At 350 degree F preheat the oven.
•    Take a large sized bowl & add the flour along with oats, baking powder, baking soda, sweetener & salt.
•    Stir well to mix all the ingredients properly.
•    In another medium sized bowl mix together egg substitute, milk, oil, orange peel & orange juice.
•    Blend all the ingredients till you get the desired smoothness.
•    Now add the mixture of dry ingredients & stir continuously till the dry ingredients are liquefied.
•    Add the chopped nuts & cranberries & stir well.
•    Now pour the complete batter in the ready pan.
•    For almost 65-75 minutes bake it (till you get the desired soft but steady look).
•    For about 10 minute cool it on the wire rack.
•    Take it off from the baking oven & let it cool entirely.
•    Remember to store it in a tightly covered container.

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