Loneliness Could Be the Biggest Enemy of Your Health: Study Shows

Loneliness is really a most irritating feeling that no one can ever enjoy, but recently some researchers have find out that this lonely behavior of people can prove to be the biggest enemy of their health.

loneliness1The researchers have shown that the temporary friends of internet just like the ones in our friends list on any social network can’t remove the tag of being lonely from our life until there are some strong spiritual relations.

The two different studies have been published in the University of Arizona studies and it suggests that the superficial relations not only bring the blessing of social detachment but also contribute to certain health related problems.

Stacey Passalacqua, who recently earned her UA doctorate in interpersonal and health communication with a minor in psychology while discussing on this issue said that “There is an association between social networks and health but the precise mechanism is not understood”.

Passalacqua and Chris Segrin, the UA communication department head and lead author on the papers were those two main people who took the initiative for studying the social networks and levels of stress thus find out their actual impact on health. The conclusion which was seen after their study says that “There are so many people we have in our day-to-day interactions,” she said. “But the absence of close family members and close friends is something that should be taken seriously. Sometimes we don’t realize how important these close relationships are to our health”.

After the study both of these researchers concluded that lonely people stays away from the enjoyment of life like going to vacations or playing some sort of games and eventually their loneliness brings a gift in the form of health damage.

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