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Keep your Dog Healthy, Young and Energetic

by Souti

Pets well being is your duty, how to keep them healthy that depends on you. Consider them as your family member. Treat them with love & affection.

•    When your dog grows old, then regular check-up is very important for their ultimate well being.
•    Dog’s can cleverly hide their illness, so watch them carefully to trace their illness.
•    Obesity is not good for dog’s health, it will put pressure on dog’s heart & very fat or overweight dogs have shorter life span. So consult with veterinarians how to control the weight.
•    Try to maintain their distance from outdoor poisons, infections, trauma etc. It can make your dog unhealthy.
•    Put the poisonous things (rat poison, trash etc) out of their reach.
•    Proper nutrition is very important for every living being. So make sure that your dog is getting the proper diet. If situation desires consult with a doctor.
•    Exercise is most important for dog’s health. It will make their joints & muscles more strong.
•    Study revealed that dogs spayed before puberty experience lower possibilities of developing breast cancer. Spayed dogs experience less health related problems.
•    Spend quality time with your dog. They love to play, provide them with games, toys etc. It will inspire their mental activities.

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