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Keep Your Cat Healthy, Happy, and Safe

by Souti

Cats are aware about their own well beings, but as a owner & as a cat lover you should follow some ways to protect your cat. Make them feel safe & comfortable at your home.

•    One of the major necessities for cat training is patience. Consult with the veterinarian for an effective solution of any specific problem regarding your cat’s behaviour.
•    Like dogs, cats don’t need that much physical exercise, but they like playing & cuddling. Manage sometime for their regular activities.
•    Regularly brush your cat to remove the loose hair. It will make your cat shinier.
•    Give instruction to your cat not to jump on countertops or tables, don’t scratch with nails. Be patient & teach them all these good habits.
•    Consult with the veterinarian for complete nutrition. It’s very necessary for their well being.
•    If you don’t want to crowd your home with cats then spay your cat. It also makes your cat healthier.
•    Regular check up is very important for cat’s health.
•    To avoid disasters try to keep your cat indoors.
•    Before going out with your cat hang the name, address, contact number around its neck. If your cat gets lost it will ensure its return.

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