Insulin Producing Beta Cells Can Be Reborn: Study Reveals

Diabetes is one of the most common problems of the people along the world and it has been long though as problem which has no cure but the recent researches by some medical experts have open ways for its cure.

Beta CellsA new study has found that certain cells in the Pancreas can regenerate themselves into insulin-producing cells after the normal insulin-producing cells have been destroyed.

This study was actually carried by the Swiss researchers and during their research they have discovered that when they destroy the insulin producing cells called the beta cells, just to create a an artificial form of type 1 Diabetes then the other cells of Pancreas called the Alpha cells changes themselves into insulin producing beta cells.

According to Andrew Rakeman, the scientific program manager in beta cell regeneration at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) “Any time you’re thinking about any type of a cure or really good treatments for type 1 diabetes, you have to consider both the beta cells and the immune side”. Overall the researchers found that 99 percent of beta cells were destroyed in mice and then they labeled the alpha cells with a fluorescent protein so they could track cells, the researchers found that when all the beat cells got destroyed and mice were given insulin therapy to keep them alive, the alpha cells spontaneously change into functioning beta cells. Thus a new and amazing fact about type 1 diabetes has been found and it’ll be helpful for the future cure of this problem.

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